The Official Adventures Makes Fundraising Fun!

We know every team and association must fundraise, so we’ve created a great opportunity for you! It’s unique and easy and as much fun as scoring a Hat-Trick! It could be perfect for your team or club! 


Just have your coach, association member, concession stand manager, or board representative send Chris Beehler, our front office manager, an email message. Use the Subject line, "The Moneymaker" when sending your message.


Chris will reply to the email with information and pricing on bulk orders (more than 20 copies) to help get your fundraiser started. Our fundraising package includes your bulk order, posters and, if you like, signed copies of Drop the Puck, It's Hockey Season, Drop the Puck, Shoot for the Cup & Drop the Puck, Let's Play Hockey!


Each book retails for $17.95 or $18.95that's a lot of goals for the game! Help your team score and get the details from Chris! Email to find out more about: 

The Moneymaker