Learn About Friendship, Inclusion and Teamwork 

Based on true stories, the Drop the Puck series celebrates sports-loving children of all types and  abilities, as readers follow the story of a group of kids in fictional Hockeytown, USA, who bond and  grow together, united by their shared love of hockey.  

"I’m a big fan of books that teach kids about hockey  and more importantly about the value of accepting  those who may be different and working together as  a team. It’s important to lead by example and treat  everyone with the same respect.”

Claude Giroux, Captain, Philadelphia Flyers

Drop the Puck, Hockey Every Day, Every Way
Book Three







Hockey Every Day , Every Way introduces readers to Lila and Makenna. Like any kid, Lila’s afraid she won’t fit in. But, before long, she finds out that her fellow hockey players will make her feel welcome and accepted. These new characters are inspired by real-life hockey players and fans with cerebral palsy.



Drop the Puck, Hockey For Hockey Day
Book Two







The adventures of Cullen and Blaine continue in Hooray for Hockey Day! Along the way, the brothers make new friends, including Ann, who has Down syndrome, and Aiden, who only has one leg. Hooray for Hockey Da ! will teach young readers lessons about friendship, diversity, inclusion, and teamwork as they work to make “Hockey Day” an official state holiday.



Drop the Puck, It's Hockey Season
Book One







"Drop the Puck, It’s Hockey Season,” an early reader chapter book released Memorial Day 2015 tells the tale of two brothers, Blaine and Cullen. On and off the ice, they have deep love for the game and each other! Cullen is the all-star team captain and his brother Blaine is the team manager. Not just another children's book about hockey, it is a new children's book that is modernizing children's literature. In our book Blaine, who has Down syndrome, is clearly the "unsung hero" of the team. Blaine's leadership and unselfish actions speak louder than any textual words. Young readers are able to learn respect and a better understanding for the challenges individuals with special needs face on a daily basis.


The brothers join Rylee and Rosee, America’s favorite referees, in game day adventures that will have elementary school aged readers laughing out loud, fist bumping the pages and cheering for more stories.



Inspired by Ann and Ovi


Inspired by the friendship between  Ann and Ovi, 

 Author Jayne J. Jones Beehler 

writes  Book 3 of the Official Adventures Series  and

illustrator, Katrina G. Dohm, brings her characters to life!

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Ann continues to steal the show and the hearts. Here she signs the illustration of herself for Matt Cullen of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Official Adventures author, Jayne Jones Beehler, and Ann met Cullen in conjunction  with  American Special Hockey Day!

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