DROP THE PUCK...In Your Classroom


Let’s give your students access to share their story.  

Let’s give your teachers and staff access to additional curriculum literacy and arts support.

Let’s partner together and bring this unique opportunity to your school district and community!


We can’t wait to lead, teach, and help them build that story. 

For more information about our detailed classroom and assembly programming, please write to us:



or call Jayne at (651) 230-2160



A high-quality education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity—it is a prerequisite to success. The need for all children to learn and achieve is clear:


  • When done well, the integration of literacy and the arts into educational curriculum programs helps build and reinforce important student learning that will help all students achieve. It lends help to learning in core subjects such as reading, writing and math.

  • To what level do all of your students achieving? It is time to speed up those that are just strolling along through school! Let’s get those cracks filled with creative learning experiences as to let no one, any longer, fall between them. Yes, even help your highest flyers soar higher!

  • In this increasingly competitive information age and global economy, knowledge and skills focused on literacy and the arts will strengthen teamwork, responsibility, persistence, self-discipline, and presentation skills.


We welcome the opportunity to come into your district for a day, a few days or the entire week for a student-specific seminar that is innovative, hands-on, fresh, interactive and rigorous in academics focused on literacy, language, and the arts. At the conclusion, each student will have a personal story to share.