Drop the Puck, Hockey Every Day, Every Way Book Three


Drop the Puck, Hockey Every Day, Every Way

Book Three







"Hockey Every Day, Every Way introduces readers to Lila and Makenna. Like any kid, Lila’s afraid she won’t fit in. But, before long, she finds out that her fellow hockey players will make her feel welcome and accepted. These new characters are inspired by real-life hockey players and fans with cerebral palsy.

The story tells the tale of Lila, a child with cerebral palsy, who moves to her new hometown and plays for the Minnesota Bears, a special needs hockey team. Lila is wheelchair bound and skates through technology assisted braces. In real life Lila, was one of the series’ first readers and was introduced to the author by Errin Hakstol, wife of NHL Assistant Coach, Dave Hakstol. Through Lila’s mom, the author did research on Lila’s skating ability, her challenges from cerebral palsy and her frustrations with never being invited to a sleepover to simply using a scissors.

More than 15 NHL superstars have endorsed the book series.

“Lila truly has a million-dollar smile,” says Jones, “and I call her the queen of grit and determination.”

The book has three other characters with special needs (Down syndrome, autism and sled hockey) and continues the series traditions of competitive play, joys of winning, lessons of losing and sportsmanship. At the end of the fifth book the children decide to start a community spirit award for inspiring kids making a difference, impact or sharing good will.

The sweet and remarkable tale of Lila’s move to Hockeytown, USA will have all readers cheering for victories big and small, on and off the ice. Grab your hockey stick and shoot for life’s wonderful goals!

Together, we win.

What Others Are Saying

"Keep on reading, kids! It's important to learn something new every day!" —Matt and Bridget Cullen, three-time Stanley Cup Champion, played 21 NHL seasons

"You wanna be smart? Read!" —Brent Burns, San Jose Sharks

"Reading as a family is important." —Rick Nash, three-time NHL All-Star player

"Work hard. Play hard. Keep getting better every day!" —Jack and Leslie Jablonski, Bel13ve Foundation

“I loved it! Hockey really is for everyone!”—Lila, Inspiration for ‘Lila’ character
“All our kids love these books! They really teach valuable lessons for life that go way beyond the game.” Jordan and Jamie Leopold, American former professional ice hockey defenseman and community volunteers.

“I love the way this book celebrates individual differences, strengths and similarities. When children learn about themselves, others and the world around them, that is the ultimate hat trick.” --Aimee Jordan, Lila’s mom and fierce advocate for people with disabilities.

“It’s really cool to see my name as a character in a book, especially a children’s book. I hope it helps other kids to be inspired to think, create, and invent. It’s neat to think my name might motivate readers to get out there and do things and DREAM BIG like I did because I know what it’s like to be one of them.” –Tripp Phillips, President and Inventor, Le-Glue

“I grew up as the typical Minnesota kid. Hockey is my life. These books are a hat trick!” —Luke Delzer, Totino-Grace High School Varsity

“This is a great book that inspires you to believe in yourself and you can achieve your dreams.” --William Stinson, Inspiration for “Will Stinson” character and Minnesota youth hockey player



Drop the Puck, Hooray for Hockey Day Book Two


Drop the Puck, Hooray for Hockey Day

Book Two



"The adventures of Cullen and Blaine continue in Hooray for Hockey Day! Along the way, the brothers make new friends, including Ann, who has Down syndrome, and Aiden, who only has one leg. Hooray for Hockey Da ! will teach young readers lessons about friendship, diversity, inclusion, and teamwork as they work to make “Hockey Day” an official state holiday.


"Hockeytown, USA celebrates ‘Hockey Day’ with outdoor rink fun, challenging games and a special hockey festival.

The gang’s fun filled ‘Hockey Day’ adventures will make readers laugh all the way to their rink! From sushi in the concession stand to late night floor hockey in the hotel, Hockeytown, USA sparkles as America’s crown jewel of hockey. Readers will meet smiling Aiden, as he joins all the Series’ favorite characters showing them that you don’t need as he shows his opponents, you can score goals from sitting down!

The Washington Ice Dogs compete against the Minnesota Bears in a special hockey game showdown to celebrate ‘Hockey Day!’ Coach Burns, along with Coach Nash, root for their players and lose a “hockey bet!” Coach Burns dyes his game day beard, red, white and blue.

Will ‘Hockey Day’ become a holiday? The children petition their Governor for a holiday proclamation.

A lively, fast-paced chapter book with your favorite teammates continues the Drop the Puck series.

Don’t forget your “88 bags of mini donuts” for special hockey!".


Drop the Puck, It's Hockey Season Book One


Drop the Puck, It's Hockey Season

Book One











“Drop the Puck, It’s Hockey Season,” an early reader chapter book released Memorial Day 2015 tells the tale of two brothers, Blaine and Cullen. On and off the ice, they have deep love for the game and each other! Cullen is the all-star team captain and his brother Blaine is the team manager. Not just another children's book about hockey, it is a new children's book that is modernizing children's literature. In our book Blaine, who has Down syndrome, is clearly the "unsung hero" of the team. Blaine's leadership and unselfish actions speak louder than any textual words. Young readers are able to learn respect and a better understanding for the challenges individuals with special needs face on a daily basis.


The brothers join Rylee and Rosee, America’s favorite referees, in game day adventures that will have elementary school aged readers laughing out loud, fist bumping the pages and cheering for more stories.