The Official Adventures is a book series devoted to early literacy and educational achievement written by us. Each of the series’ books includes a glossary of new terms, child humor and gender equality characters.


Each chapter book strengthens a reader’s vocabulary, imagination skills and encourages text literacy with a profound understanding of composition, sentence structure and grammar. The need for early learning is clear, as studies prove: children who have rich early learning experiences are prepared to thrive in school.


Literacy is the ability and desire to use reading, writing, listening, observing, and speaking skills to make sense of the world around us. Improving basic literacy and education skills is the key to long-term self-sufficiency for those children most at-risk.  Across America, it is imperative that we catch these children early on to make sure they have the tools necessary to succeed later on in life.


We believe that Rylee and Rosee are not only the perfect storytellers for your reader, but also serve as an educational tool to ensure early literacy, educational achievement and lifelong development of values, ethics and culture.

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